Just a note, as of November 2021 shipping rates to the USA have changed. If you select the $22 option, prints will arrive in a timely fashion however if you choose the “by sea” option it could take a few months to arrive. I am continuing my offer wherein any customer ordering 2 prints or more will receive a separate bonus print that I will select based on their choice of prints. Also, I have noticed a lot of referrals which I am grateful for so anyone who refers my work to a friend will receive a free print along with their friend’s order. Just email me with the order number of the referred friend and I will add a print to their order especially for you.

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I am an artist based in Tokyo Japan. My work is currently being showcased in galleries both in Japan and the USA. I make art out of simple shapes and apply depth and texture to make unique aesthetically pleasing works in a style that is very much my own. My main inspiration is late 19th / early 20th Century design although I spend more time creating than viewing.

I started this site in July 2020 and new works are regularly posted.

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Thanks for your support!

Links to my work online: