Just a note, as of November 2021 shipping rates to the USA have changed. If you select the $22 option, prints will arrive in a timely fashion however if you choose the “by sea” option it could take a few months to arrive. I am continuing my offer wherein any customer ordering 2 prints or more will receive a separate bonus print that I will select based on their choice of prints. Also, I have noticed a lot of referrals which I am grateful for so anyone who refers my work to a friend will receive a free print along with their friend’s order. Just email me with the order number of the referred friend and I will add a print to their order especially for you.

Battalgazi Limited Edition Stamped Prints

Selected works are given a limited run of 50 prints which are printed on demand and can be issued on either (S) 8 x 11, (M) 11 x 16, or (L) 16 x 23 inch high quality paper. Once all 50 prints of one design are sold they are gone for good. Each are numbered and personally stamped with John Battalgazi’s own seal post-printing to create charming collectors items for your own art collection or precious gifts for loved ones.

Not all prints are limited to 50 and standard prints are available also in digital format.

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Stamped with the Battalgazi seal

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